List of presidents of Bucknell University

This list of presidents of Bucknell University includes all who have led Bucknell University.

Stephen William Taylor1846–51*
Howard Malcom1851–57
George Ripley Bliss1857–58; 1871–72*
Justin Rolph Loomis1858–79
Francis Wayland Tustin1879*
David Jayne Hill1879–88
George G. Groff1888–89*
John Howard Harris1889–1919
Emory William Hunt1919–31
Charles Parker Vaughan1931*
Homer Price Rainey1931–35
Arnaud Cartwright Marts1935–45**
Herbert Lincoln Spencer1945–49
Horace A. Hildreth1949–53
Joseph Welles Henderson1953–54*
Merle Middleton Odgers1954–64
Charles Henry Watts II1964–76
G. Dennis O'Brien1976–84
John Frederick Zeller III1984*
Gary Allan Sojka1984–95
William Drea Adams1995–2000
Steffen H. Rogers2000–04
Brian C. Mitchell2004–10[2]
John C. Bravman2010–

*Interim President
**Interim President from 1935–38


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