List of hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The following is a list of hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


  • General Hospital of Kinshasa[1] (public) (former Maman Mobutu Hospital)
  • Cliniques Universitaires de Kinshasa (public)
  • L'hôpital du Cinquantenaire
  • Clinique Ngaliema (public)
  • Saint Josutrutreph Hospital (non profit/diocesan)
  • Mutombo Dikembe Hospital (private)
  • Nganda Hospital (private)
  • Monkole Mother & Child Hospital (non-profit)
  • Centre Medical de Kinshasa (private)
  • Centre Medical Phenix (private)
  • Bondeko Clinic (private)


  • General Hospital (public)

> Heal Africa Hospital (private) > Hopital general de Reference Virunga ( non profit/ Protestant) > CMAK Hospital ( private) > Hopital de Kyeshero ( non profit/ Protestant),

  • Goma Sanru Hospital (non profit/Protestant)


  • Saint Luke Hospital (non profit/diocesan)


  • Kimpese Sanru Hospital (non profit/Protestant)


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