List of hospitals in Ethiopia

This page lists the hospitals in Ethiopia by city.

Medical care in Ethiopia, a nation of more than 100 million people, is provided by numerous clinics in the countryside, and hospitals located mostly in larger towns.

Addis Ababa

As of 2014, Addis Ababa had 52 hospitals [1], 12 of them state run, and more than 40 private.

  • Addis General Hospital [2]
  • Addis Hiwot Plc
  • Anania Mothers and Children Specialized Medical Center
  • Armed Forces General Hospital formerly the Princess Tsehai Memorial Hospital
  • Bella Defense Referral Hospital formerly the Bella Haileselasse Hospital
  • Besegah Mother and Child Health Hospitals
  • Brass Mother and Child Health Hospital
  • Dagmawi Minilik Hospital
  • DBalch Hospital
  • Dinberua Hospital
  • Ethio Tebib Hospital
  • Federal Police Referral Hospital
  • Girum General Hospital
  • Hawassa Alatyon Hospital
  • Hayat Hospital
  • ICMC General Hospital CMC
  • Kadisco General Hospital [3]
  • Landmark General Hospital
  • MyungSung Christian Medical Centre/Korean Hospital/MCM General Hospital
  • Nordic Medical Center
  • Novocare American Clinic [4]
  • Ras Desta Damitew Hospital
  • Saint Gabriel General Hospital[5]
  • Shedeho Higher Clinic Dr Belaynew Mogess
  • St. Paulos Hospital
  • St. Yared General Hospital
  • Tibebu Hospital
  • Tikur Anbesa Specialized Hospital(TASH)
  • Tirunesh Beijing General Hospital
  • Tzna General Hospital
  • Yearrer hospital
  • Zenbaba General Hospital
  • Zeweditu Hospital


  • Sr. Aklesia Memorial Hospital
  • Adama General Hospital & Medical College


  • Bahir Dar Mini-fistula Hospital
  • Felge Hiwot Hospital
  • Gamby Teaching Hospital Clinic
  • Universal Clinic
  • Adinas Clinic


  • Boru Meda Hospital
  • Dessie Hospital
  • selam hospital
  • ethio hospital
  • bate hospital
  • Tossa Hospital


  • University of Gondar Hospital
  • Ibex Hospital


  • Harar General Hospital
  • Hiwot fana specialized University hospital


  • Alatiyon Hospital
  • Asher Primary Hospital
  • Awassa Referral Hospital
  • Adare Hospital
  • Kibru Primary Hospital
  • Bete Abrham Primary Hospital

Somali Region

  • Jig-jiga University Referral Hospital
  • Karamara Hospital
  • Dagahbour General Hospital
  • Gode General Hospital
  • Qabri Dahare General Hospital
  • Warder General Hospital
  • Filtu General Hospital
  • Hargelle General Hospital
  • Sitti General Hospital


  • Adigrat Hospital
  • Ayder Referral Hospital
  • Lemelem Karl Hospital
  • Mekelle Hospital
  • St. Mary Hospital
  • Quiha Hospital
  • Sihul Hospital
  • Abiadi Hospital
  • Wukro Hospital
  • korem Hospital
  • Mearig Hospital/dansha
  • Humera Hospital
  • Alamata Hospital
  • Adwa Hospital
  • Aksum University Referral Hospital


  • Dubbo Catholic Hospital
  • Soddo Christhian Hospital
  • Soddo General Hospital
  • Soddo University Hospital (Under construction)

Regional hospitals

There are about 144 regional hospitals placed in the major cities and towns. (Health Indicators, FMOH: EFY 2001). Out of the total 144 hospitals, about 90 of them are public. The rest, about 54 hospitals, are run by private investors and non-profit organizations.


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