List of colonial governors and administrators of Grenada

This is a list of Viceroys of Grenada from the establishment of French rule in 1649 until its independence from the United Kingdom in 1974. Following independence, the viceroy of Grenada ceased to represent the British monarch and British government, and ceased to be a British person, instead the new vice regal office, renamed to Governor-General of Grenada represented (and to this day, represents) the Monarch of Grenada, and the person holding the office must be a Grenadian citizen.

French Governors of Grenada (1649–1762)

In OfficeNameNotes
1649–1654Jean Le Comte
1654–1658Louis Cacqueray de Valminière
1658–1664Jean Faudoas de Cérillac
1671–1674Louis de Canchy de Lerole
1675–1679Pierre de Sainte-Marthe de Lalande
1679–1680Jacques de Chambly
1680–1689Nicolas de Gabaret
1690–1695Louis Ancelin de Gemostat
1695?–1696?Jean-Léon Fournier de Carles de Pradine
1696–1700De Bellair de Saint-Aignan
1701–1708Joseph de Bouloc
1709–1710Laurent de Valernod (d. 1711)
1711–1716Guillaume-Emmanuel-Théodore de Maupeou, comte de l'Estrange
1717 – 3 January 1721Jean-Michel de Lépinay
1721–1722Jean Balthazard du Houx
1 December 1722 – 11 December 1722Bonnaventure-François de BoisferméDid not take office
1723–1727Robert Giraud du Poyet
1727–1734Charles de Brunier, marquis de Larnage
1734–1748Jean-Louis Fournier de Charles de Pradine
1748–1757Longvilliers de Poincy
1757–1762Pierre-Claude Bonvoust d'Aulnay de Prulay

British Governors of Grenada (1762–1802)

In 1763, the Treaty of Paris ceded Grenada to the United Kingdom.

Lieutenant Governors of Grenada (1802–1882)

In 1802, the Governor of Grenada was replaced by a lieutenant governor, subordinate to the Governor of Barbados.

  • George Vere Hobart, 1802–5 November 1802
  • Thomas Hislop, 1803–1804
  • William Douglas MacLean Clephane, 1804–1805
  • Frederick Maitland, 29 March 1805 – 1811
  • Abraham Charles Adye, 1811–1812
  • George Robert Ainslie, 1812–1813
  • Charles Shipley, 1813–1815, acting
  • George Paterson, 1815–1816, acting, first time
  • Phineas Riall, 1816–1823
  • George Paterson, 1823–1826, acting, second time
  • James Campbell, 1826–1833

In 1833, Grenada was incorporated into the British Windward Islands along with Barbados, St. Lucia, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines. The Governor of Barbados retained overall responsibility for Grenada with the Lieutenant Governor of Grenada as his subordinate.

Administrators of Grenada (1882–1967)

In 1882, the role of the Lieutenant Governor of Grenada was replaced by that of an administrator. The administrator remained subordinate to the Governor of Barbados. In 1885, Barbados left the administrative control of the Windward Islands. A new Governor of the Windward Islands was appointed, with his seat in Grenada. The Administrator of Grenada remained a subordinate position concerned with matters local to Grenada itself.

  • Irwin Charles Maling, 1882, first time
  • Roger Tuckfield Goldsworthy, 1882–1883
  • Edward Laborde, 1883–1886, first time
  • Irwin Charles Maling, 1886–1887, second time
  • Henry Rawlins Pipon Schooles, 1887–1888
  • John Elliott, Jun 1888-Dec 1888
  • Robert Baxter Llewelyn, Dec 1888 - Jan 1889, first time
  • Edward Laborde, Jan 1889 - Nov 1889, second time
  • Robert Baxter Llewelyn, Nov 1889 - Sep 1890, second time
  • Lawrence Riky Fyfe, Sep 1890 - Nov 1890
  • Edward Rawle Drayton, 1890–1915
  • Herbert Ferguson, 1915–1930
  • Hilary Rudolph Robert Blood, 1930–1935
  • William Leslie Heape, 1935–1940
  • Charles Henry Vincent Talbot, 1940–1942
  • George Conrad Green, 1942–1951
  • Wallace MacMillan, 1951–1957
  • James Monteith Lloyd, 1957–1962

Between 1958 and 1962, Grenada was part of the short-lived Federation of the West Indies.

  • Lionel Achille Pinard, 1962–1964
  • Ian Turbott, 1964–1967

Governors of Grenada (1967–1974)

On 3 March 1967, Grenada became an Associated State of the United Kingdom, responsible for its own internal affairs. A governor was again appointed as the United Kingdom's official representative.

On 7 February 1974, Grenada achieved independence from Great Britain. After independence, the vice regal office in Grenada became the office of the Governor-General of Grenada.


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