List of colonial and departmental heads of Martinique

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

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Ancien regime and First Republic (1635-1794)

Term Incumbent Notes
French Suzerainty
French colony (under the Compagnie des Îles de l'Amérique)
1635Pierre Belain d'Esnambuc, Governor
1635 to 1636Jean Dupont, Governor
1636 to 1646Jacques Dyel du Parquet, Governor1st time
February 1646 to January 1647Jérôme du Sarrat, sieur de La Pierrière, interim Governor
1647 to 1650Jacques Dyel du Parquet, Governor2nd time
Granted to the Dyel du Parquet family
1650 to 1658Jacques Dyel du Parquet, Governor2nd time
1658 to 1659Marie Bonnard du Parquet, Governor?
1659 to October 1662Adrien Dyel de Vaudroques, Governor
1662 to 1663Médéric Rolle de Goursolas, Governor
1663 to 1664Jean Dyel de Clermont, Governor
Under the Compagnie des Indes Occidentales
1664 to 1665Jean Dyel de Clermont, Governor
February 1665 to December 1667Robert de Clodoré, Governor
1667 to 1672François Rolle de Laubière, acting Governor
December 1672 to 1674Antoine André de Sainte-Marthe, Governor
French crown colony
1674 to December 1679Antoine André de Sainte-Marthe, Governor
1680 to 1687Jacques de Chambly, Governor
1687 to 1689Charles de Pechpeyrou-Comminges de Guitaut, Governor
February 1689 to 31 March 1689Claude de Roux de Saint-Laurent, interim Governor
1689 to June 1711Nicolas de Gabaret, Governor
1711 to 1716Jean-Pierre de Charitte, GovernorDid not take up post
1716Abraham de Bellebat, marquis du Quesne, Governor
7 January 1717 to 23 May 1717Antoine d'Arcy, sieur de La Varenne, Governor
1717(?) to 1720Florimond Hurault de Montigny, GovernorHanged by pirate Bartholomew Roberts
1720 to 1727Jacques Charles de Bochard de Noray de Champigny, Governor
1728 to March 1742Jean François Louis de Brach, Governor
1742 to 1744André Martin, sieur de Pointesable, Governor
1744 to 12 May 1750Charles de Tubières de Caylus, Governor
1750 to 1752Maximin de Bompart, GovernorActing to 1752
1752 to 1757Alexandre Rouillé de Rocourt, Governor
May 1757 to 7 February 1761François V de Beauharnais, Governor
February 1761 to February 1762Louis-Charles Le Vassor de La Touche, Governor
British Occupation
February 1762 to July 1763William Rufane, Governor
French Suzerainty
July 1763 to April 1764François Louis de Salignac, Governor
25 January 1765 to 1768Victor-Thérèse Charpentier, Governor
Part of the French Antilles
1768 to 1772Victor-Thérèse Charpentier, Governor
9 March 1772 to 15 March 1776Vital Auguste, marquis de Grégoire, comte de Nozières, Governor
15 March 1776 to May 1777Robert d'Argout, Governor
May 1777 to March 1783François Claude Amour, marquis de Bouillé, Governor
Separate colony
March 1783 to March 1791Claude Charles de Marillac, vicomte de Damas, Governor
July 1789 to April 1790Charles du Houx de Vioménil, acting GovernorActing for Damas
12 March 1791 to September 1792Jean Pierre Antoine, comte de Béhague, Governor
January 1793 to 22 May 1794Donatien-Marie-Joseph de Vimeur, vicomte de Rochambeau, Governor

British occupation (1794–1814)

Term Incumbent Notes
British Occupation
1794Sir Robert Prescott, Governor
1794 to 1795Sir John Vaughan, Governor
1795 to 1796Sir Robert Shore Milnes, Governor
1796 to 1802Sir William Keppel, Governor
French Suzerainty
May 1802 to 1804Charles-Henri Bertin, Colonial Prefect
1804 to 1809Pierre-Clément de Laussat, Colonial Prefect
September 1802 to 21 February 1809Louis Thomas Villaret de Joyeuse, Captain-General
British Occupation
21 February 1809 to 1809Sir George Beckwith, Captain-General
10 June 1809 to 1812Major-General John Brodrick, Captain-General
1812 to 1814Sir Charles Wale, Captain-General
1814Sir John Lindsay, Captain-General

Restoration, Second Republic, Second Empire (1814–70)

Term Incumbent Notes
French Suzerainty
1814 to 10 September 1817Pierre René Marie, comte de Vaugiraud, Captain-General
10 September 1817 to 1818Pierre René Marie, comte de Vaugiraud, Governor
1818 to 1826François Xavier, comte de Donzelot, Governor
1826 to 1829François Marie Michel de Bouillé, Governor
1829 to 1830Louis Henri de Saulces de Freycinet, Governor
1830 to 1834Jean Henri Joseph Dupôtet, Governor
1834 to 1836Emmanuel Halgan, Governor
1836 to January 1838Ange René Armand, baron de Mackau, Governor
January 1838 to July 1838Claude Rostoland, acting Governor1st time
1838 to 1840Alphonse Louis Théodore de Mogès, Governor
1840 to 1844Étienne Henri Mengin Duval d'Ailly, Governor
1844 to March 1848Pierre Louis Aimé Mathieu, Governor
March 1848 to 3 June 1848Claude Rostoland, acting Governor2nd time
3 June 1848 to November 1848François Auguste Perrinon, Governor
1848 to 1851Armand Joseph Bruat, Governor
11 April 1851 to 1853Auguste-Nicolas Vaillant, Governor
1853Jacques Brunot, acting Governor
15 June 1853 to September 1856Louis Henri de Gueydon, Governor
1856Louis André Lagrange, acting Governor1st time
August 1856 to 1859Armand Louis Joseph Denis, comte Fitte de Soucy, Governor
1859Louis André Lagrange, acting Governor2nd time
1859 to 1864Antoine Marie Ferdinand de Maussion de Candé, Governor
1864 to 1867François Théodore de Lapelin, Governor
1867André César Vérand, acting Governor
1867 to 1869Charles Bertier, Governor
1869 to 1870Marie Gabriel Couturier, acting Governor

Third Republic (1870–1940)

Term Incumbent Notes
1870 to 1871Charles Louis Constant Menche de Loisne, Governor
1871Octave Bernard Gilbert-Pierre, acting Governor
1871 to 1874Georges Charles Cloué, Governor
1874François Charles Michaux, acting Governor
1875 to 1877Thomas Louis Kirkland Le Normant de Kergrist, Governor
1877 to 1879Marie Bruno Ferdinand Grasset, Governor
1879Charles Alexandre Lacouture, acting Governor
1879 to 1881Hyacinthe Laurent Théophile Aube, Governor
1881J. C. Morau, acting Governor
1881 to 1887Vincent Gaëtan Allègre, Governor
1887Coridon, acting Governor
1887 to 1889Louis Albert Grodet, Governor
20 October 1889 – 1 September 1890 Germain Casse, Governor
4 February 1891 to June 1895Delphino Moracchini, Governor
1895 to 1898Noël Pardon, Governor
1898 to 1901Marie Louis Gustave Gabrié, Governor
16 July 1901 to 8 May 1902Louis Mouttet, Governor
May 1902 to 1902Georges Lhuerre, acting Governor
1902 to 1904Jean Baptiste Philémon Lemaire, Governor
1904 to 1906Louis Alphonse Bonhoure, Governor
10 March 1906 to 1908Charles Louis Lepreux, Governor
1908 to 1913Fernand Foureau, Governor
1913 to 1914Joseph Henri Alfred Vacher, Governor
1914 to 1915Georges Virgile Poulet, Governor
1915 to 1920Camille Lucien Xavier Guy, Governor
1920 to 1921Jules Maurice Gourbeil, Governor
1921 to 1922Fernand Ernest Levecque, Governor
1922 to 1923Charles Sergent-Alleaume,[1] interim Governor
1923 to 1926Henri Marius Richard, Governor
1926 to 1928Robert Paul Marie de Guise, Governor
14 February 1928 to 15 July 1932Louis Martial Innocent Gerbinis, Governor1st time
15 July 1932 to 23 August 1932Adolphe Félix Sylvestre Éboué, acting Governor1st time
23 August 1932 to 4 June 1933Louis Martial Innocent Gerbinis, Governor2nd time
4 June 1933 to 7 January 1934Adolphe Félix Sylvestre Éboué, acting Governor2nd time
7 January 1934 to 1934Louis Martial Innocent Gerbinis, Governor3rd time
1934René Veber, Governor
1934 to 1935Matteo Mathieu Maurice Alfassa, Governor
1935 to 1936Louis Jacques Eugène Fousset, Governor
1936Marie Marc Georges Pelicier, Governor
22 October 1936 to 7 January 1938Jean-Baptiste Alberti, Governor
1938Léopold Arthur André Allys, acting Governor
1938 to 1939Maurice Xavier Joseph Dechartre, Governor
1939 to 1940Georges Aimé Spitz, Governor
1940 to March 1941Louis Henri François Denis Bressoles, Governor
March 1941 to July 1943Yves Maurice Nicol, Governor
14 July 1943 to 31 July 1944Louis Georges André Ponton, GovernorActing to 17 September 1943
1944 to January 1945Antoine Marie Angelini, Governor

Fourth and Fifth Republics (1945-present)

Term Incumbent Notes
14 January 1945 to 1946Georges Hubert Parisot, Governor
French overseas département
1946 to 1947Georges Louis Joseph Orselli, Governor
18 July 1947 to 27 July 1950Pierre Albert Trouillé, Prefect
25 August 1950 to 1 November 1954Christian Robert Roger Laigret, Prefect
1 November 1954 to 16 June 1957Gaston Claude Villéger, Prefect
1 August 1957 to 1 January 1960Jacques Alphonse Boissier, Prefect
1 January 1960 to 25 April 1961Jean Parsi, Prefect
25 April 1961 to 8 November 1963Michel Grollemund, Prefect
21 November 1963 to 16 September 1966Raphaël Roman Hubert Petit, Prefect
16 September 1966 to 1 August 1967Pierre Francis Lambertin, Prefect
7 August 1967 to 20 June 1969Jean Deliau, Prefect
1 September 1969 to 15 June 1970Pierre Béziau, Prefect
1 July 1970 to 1 July 1973Jean Benjamin Terrade, Prefect
1 July 1973 to 15 November 1975Christian Ernest Orsetti, Prefect
15 November 1975 to 20 May 1978Paul Noirot-Cosson, Prefect
20 May 1978 to 3 May 1979Raymond Raoul Émile Heim, Prefect
3 May 1979 to 27 July 1981Marcel Lucien Paul Julia, Prefect
27 July 1981 to 10 May 1982Jean Chevance, Prefect
10 May 1982 to 6 March 1985Jean Chevance, Commissioner of the Republic
6 March 1985 to 4 November 1987Édouard Lacroix, Commissioner of the Republic
4 November 1987 to 24 February 1988Jean Jouandet, Commissioner of the Republic
24 February 1988 to 12 April 1989Jean Jouandet, Prefect
12 April 1989 to 4 September 1991Jean-Claude Roure, Prefect
4 September 1991 to 6 January 1995Michel Morin, Prefect
6 January 1995 to 24 August 1998Jean-François Cordet, Prefect
31 August 1998 to 21 June 2000Dominique Bellion, Prefect
24 July 2000 to 28 March 2003Michel Cadot, Prefect
French overseas region
28 March 2003 to 9 February 2004Michel Cadot, Prefect
9 February 2004 to 20 June 2007Yves Dassonville, Prefect
20 June 2007 to 2 August 2007Patrice Latron, interim Prefect
2 August 2007 to PresentAnge Mancini, Prefect

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