List of World War II weapons of France

This is a list of weapons used by the military forces of the French Third Republic in WW2.



Submachine guns

Machine guns

Anti-Tank weapons

Anti-Aircraft weapons


Grenades and mines


Armoured vehicles

Armoured cars
  • AM Gendron SOMUA 39
  • AMC Schneider P16
  • AMD Laffly 80AM
  • AMD Panhard 165
  • AMDL Panhard
  • Berliet VUDB
  • Berliet VUDB4
  • Citroen-Kegresse M23
  • Laffly S15 TOE
  • Laffly 50AM
  • Panhard 178
Armoured personnel carriers
Light tanks
Medium tanks
Cavalry tanks
Armoured combat tanks
Heavy tanks


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