List of Speakers of the Shura Council

The Speaker of the Shura Council of Egypt was the presiding officer of that body. From the creation of the Shura Council in 1980 until its abolition in 2014, it was the upper house of the Parliament of Egypt.

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Name Portrait Took office Left office Political party
1 Dr. Mohamed Subhi Abdel Hakim 1 November 1980 10 November 1986 National Democratic Party
2 Dr. Ali Lutfi Mahmud 11 November 1986 22 April 1989 National Democratic Party
Vacant (22 April 1989–24 June 1989)
3 Dr. Mustafa Kamal Helmi 24 June 1989 23 June 2004 National Democratic Party
4 Mohamed Safwat El Sherif 23 June 2004 13 February 2011
National Democratic Party
Vacant (13 February 2011–28 February 2012)
5 Ahmed Fahmy 28 February 2012 3 July 2013
Freedom and Justice Party
Vacant (3 July 2013–18 January 2014)
Post abolished (18 January 2014–present)


  • Official website of the Shura Council
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