Letters from Lexington

Letters from Lexington: Reflections on Propaganda, first published in 1993, contains Noam Chomsky's criticism of the American media. The articles are available in parts on the Noam Chomsky Archive.


Foreword by Edward S. Herman

  1. What Makes the Mainstream Media Mainstream
  2. The Middle East Lie
  3. Defensive Aggression
  4. The Sunday Times Makes for a Day of No Rest
  5. Notes on the Culture of Democracy
  6. Third World, First Threat
  7. Yearning for Democracy
  8. Apostles of Nonviolence
  9. UN = US
  10. Postscript: "Riding Moynihan's Hobby Horse"
  11. Our "Sense of Moral Purpose"
  12. "We the People"
  13. Bringing Peace
  14. The Burdens of Responsibility
  15. The Death and Life of Stalinism
  16. Toxic Omissions
  17. "Fiendish Acts"
  18. The PC Thought Police
  19. Rest in Peace
  20. Class struggle as Usual
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