Le Débat

Le Débat is a bi-monthly French periodical founded in 1980 by Pierre Nora[1] and Marcel Gauchet. It has been characterised as the "single most influential intellectual periodical" of late-twentieth-century France.[2]

The first issue of Le Débat appeared on the day of the funeral of Jean-Paul Sartre. As editor, Pierre Nora announced that the review would exemplify a new, post-partisan, role for French intellectuals: free from commitment to revolutionary politics, they would concentrate on the exercise of 'reflective judgement'.[3] According to Nora, Le Débat sold between 8,000 and 15,000 copies per issue in the 1980s.[4] Past editors include Raymond Aron, Georges Dumézil, François Jacob, Michel Foucault, Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, François Furet and Jacques Le Goff.[1]


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