Kfar Monash Hoard

The Kfar Monash Hoard is a hoard of metal objects dated to the Early Bronze Age (the third millennium BCE) found in the spring of 1962 by the agriculturalist Zvi Yizhar in Kfar Monash, Israel. Kfar Monash is located 3.3 km south-east of Tel Hefer (Tell Ishbar) in the Plain of Sharon or in modern terms 9km/6mi northeast of Netanya,[1] which is roughly located along the Israeli coast between Netanya and Haifa.

The Monash Hoard consists of:

object amount
Axes 6
Small Adzes 7
Large Adzes 4
Chisels 3
--square bars (2)
--circular bar (1)
Saw 1
Small Knife 1
Peg 1
Crescent 1
Long curved knives 2
Spear Heads 4
Daggers 4
Mace-Head 1
Copper Plates 800
Silver Mirror? 1
Carnelian Beads? Several
Crescentic Axehead 1

The Crescentic Axehead was found about 5 years later at about 200m distance.[2]

As of June 2006, the Kfar Monash Hoard was on display in the Israel Museum.


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