Tomb KV46 in the Valley of the Kings is the tomb of Yuya and his wife Tjuyu, the parents of Queen Tiye, the wife of Amenhotep III, and King Ay. It was discovered in February 1905 by James E. Quibell. Quibell was sponsored by Theodore M. Davis, who published an account of the excavation in 1907.

Burial site of Yuya and Tjuyu
Coordinates25°44′27″N 32°36′10″E
LocationEast Valley of the Kings
DiscoveredFebruary 1905
Excavated byJames E. Quibell

KV 46 consists of a staircase leading down to a further descending corridor and a unique burial chamber. The walls of the tomb are not decorated and were probably never meant to be: the walls are unplastered and were not smoothed.

Until the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922, this was the richest and best preserved tomb found in the valley, and the first to be found with major items in situ apart from the Tomb of Kha or TT8 which was rather the tomb of an Egyptian nobleman. Located in a small branch of the main valley between two later Ramesside tombs, KV46 contained the mostly intact sarcophagi of Yuya and Tjuyu. Differences in the embalming techniques used for Yuya and Tjuyu indicates that they died at different times and were placed in the tomb accordingly. KV46 was robbed in antiquity, most probably three times: a first time shortly after the closure of the tomb, and then twice during the construction of the adjacent tombs KV3 and KV4. During the first looting, only perishable products such as oil were removed. The second and third times however the looters took most of the jewellery but were not able to remove Yuya and Tjuyu's funerary masks.

Objects found in KV46


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