Tomb KV45 is an ancient Egyptian tomb. Located in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, it was used for the burial of the noble Userhet of the Eighteenth dynasty.

Burial site of Userhet
Coordinates25°44′24.2″N 32°36′11.2″E
LocationEast Valley of the Kings
Discovered25 February 1902
Excavated byHoward Carter
Donald P. Ryan

Userhet was an overseer of the fields of the wind deity Amun. The tomb was reused in the 22nd Dynasty by the Doorkeeper of the House of Amun named Mereskhons.[1]

KV 45 is one of at least four tombs used by officials. The others are KV36 (Maiherpri, a noble form the time of Thutmose IV), KV46 (Yuya and Tjuyu, the parents of Queen Tiye) and KV48 (Amenemipet called Pairy a Vizier from the time of Amenhotep II and Tuthmosis IV).[2]


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