Tomb KV19, located in a side branch of Egypt's Valley of the Kings, was intended as the burial place of Prince Ramesses Sethherkhepshef, better known as Pharaoh Ramesses VIII, but was later used for the burial of Prince Mentuherkhepshef instead, the son of Ramesses IX, who predeceased his father.

Burial site of Mentuherkhepshef
Prince Mentuherkhepsef presents an offering to Banebdjed in KV19.
Coordinates25°44′20.2″N 32°36′11.7″E
LocationEast Valley of the Kings
Excavated byGiovanni Belzoni

The first corridor was still incomplete when work was abandoned, and the tomb was used "as is." The tomb decorations show the tomb owner being escorted by his father and presented to several deities, including Osiris, Khonsu, Thoth and Ptah. What decoration which remains in this corridor is considered to be of the highest quality.


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