Located in the Valley of the Kings, Tomb KV12 is an unusual tomb, used originally in the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, and then again in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties. It was probably used for multiple burials of royal family members, rather like KV5.

Burial site of Multiple Royal Personages
Coordinates25°44′24.0″N 32°36′01.5″E
LocationEast Valley of the Kings
DiscoveredOpen in antiquity
Excavated by

The builders of KV9 broke into KV12 whilst excavating that tomb. During the excavation, rumors of the second tomb had circulated throughout the camp, however, leading scientists dismissed the idea and continued on. Little did they realize the mistake that was about to be made. The tomb diggers broke through the ground into the tomb only to find the remains of multiple family members in the new tomb. Researchers are still working on identifying the family members and collecting the other artifacts in the tomb.


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