Jiandeng Xinhua

Jiandeng Xinhua (剪灯新话 New stories told while trimming the wick, 1378) is an early Ming dynasty collection of Chinese stories by Qu You (瞿佑).[1][2]

It was succeeded by a second volume Jiandeng Xinhua wai er zhong.[3] It is the model for the first novel in Korean literature, Kumo Shinhwa, also written in the Chinese language.[4]


  1. not Zhu Yu (朱彧; Wade–Giles: Chu Yü) as incorrectly cited in some websites
  2. Rania Huntington - Alien Kind: Foxes and Late Imperial Chinese Narrative 2003 p25 "Foxes were not a frequent topic in the long poetic romances of the early Ming, the most famous collection of which was Jiandeng xinhua 剪灯新话 (New stories told while trimming the wick, 1378)."
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