The Jezava (Serbian Cyrillic: Језава) is a river in central Serbia. Formerly a distributary of the Great Morava that flowed into the Danube in Smederevo at the Smederevo Fortress, its upper course was separated from the Great Morava by a dam after floods in 1897. In the 1970s the lower course of the Jezava was diverted into a new stream bed, leading to the Great Morava. The old bed of the Jezava in Smederovo has been retained for drainage of the urban area of Smederovo.[2] The Jezava drains an area of 692 km², belonging to the Black Sea drainage basin.[1]

Jezava (Језава)
The former confluence of Jezava and Danube
Country Serbia
Physical characteristics
Great Morava
44.6656°N 21.0490°E / 44.6656; 21.0490
Length47.5 km (29.5 mi)
Basin size692 km2 (267 sq mi)[1]
  average23 m3/s (810 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionGreat MoravaDanubeBlack Sea


  • Ralja (Serbian Cyrillic: Раља)
  • Konjska River (Serbian: Коњска река / Konjska reka, "Horse River")
View of the old Jezava with Smederevo Fortress.

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