Jeremy Seabrook

Jeremy Seabrook (born 1939) is an English author and journalist specialising in social, environmental and development issues.[1] His book The Refuge and the Fortress: Britain and the Flight from Tyranny was longlisted for the Orwell Prize.[2]

Early life

Seabrook was born in Northampton. He was educated at Northampton Grammar School and the University of Cambridge. He has worked as a teacher and a social worker.[3]

Written Works (partial list)

  • The Unprivileged (1973)
  • A Lasting Relationship (1976)
  • What went wrong?: Working People and the Ideals of the Labour Movement (1977) (published in the United States as What went wrong?: Why Hasn’t Having More Made People Happier?)[4]
  • Working Class Childhood (1982)
  • Unemployment in the Eighties (1983)
  • Idea of Neighbourhood, The (1984)
  • Landscapes of Poverty (1985)
  • Life and Labour in a Bombay Slum (1987)
  • The Race for Riches: Human Cost of Wealth (1988)
  • The Myth of the Market: Promises and Illusions (1990)
  • Notes From Another India (1995)
  • In the Cities of the South (1996)
  • Travels in the Skin Trade (1996)
  • The Refuge and the Fortress: Britain and the Flight From Tyranny (2008)
  • The Song of the Shirt: Cheap Clothes Across Continents and Centuries (2014)


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