The Ancient Egyptian noble Intefiqer (ỉnỉ-ỉt.f ỉqr) was overseer of the city and Vizier under Amenemhet I and Senusret I during the early 12th Dynasty (19911802 BC). He is known from several rock inscriptions in Lower Nubia, showing that he was part of a military mission into this region. He appears in an inscription found at the Red Sea coast and in the so-called Reisner Papyri. Two rock inscriptions in Lower Nubia mention him. They seem to indicate that he was involved in a military campaign into this region.[2] The inscriptions are not dated, but other inscriptions in the region seem to indicate a military campaign in year 29 of Amenemhet I, which corresponds to the 9th year of Senusret I. Intefiqer is also known from a stela found at Wadi el-Hudi, dated to year 20. It reports the bringing of Amethyst.[3]

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The tomb of his mother Senet in Thebes is in Sheikh Abd el-Qurna in the Theban Necropolis, opposite Luxor.[4] Intefiqer was buried in a mastaba at Lisht, next to the pyramid of Amenemhet I.[5]


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