Institute for Mathematical Sciences

The Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS) is a research institute for mathematics and its applications at the National University of Singapore. It occupies two buildings at the hilly Prince George’s Park of the university campus.


The IMS was established in 2000 funded by the Singapore Ministry of Education for the first five years of operation. Its birth was the culmination of the efforts of many individuals with the shared vision of a mathematical institute in Singapore facilitating and supporting research in the mathematical sciences at the highest level. Soon after its opening, the IMS assumed an international profile, hosting visitors from many parts of the world. Today it organizes programs and workshops attended by more than 700 mathematical scientists each year and is a major node in the mathematical research community in the Asia-Pacific region.

Scientific programs

There are typically six programs and twenty workshops organized in a year, with up to 60 participants for each of them. A program lasts between one and three months, while workshops are of one week duration. IMS also holds graduate level summer/winter schools for and outreach programs such as public lectures and math camps. Programs and workshops are selected two years in advance by the IMS Scientific Advisory Board. They cover the entire range of mathematics and its applications.



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