Ingenta is a provider of content services for the publishing industry, based in Oxford in the United Kingdom. Customers include both academic and trade publishers as well as information providers. Ingenta plc is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol LSE: ING.[1]

Traded asAIM: ING
IndustryPublishing (Technology)
HeadquartersOxford, England
Key people
G. Scott Winner, Chief Executive Officer
Jon Sheffield, Chief Financial Officer
ProductsIngenta Commercial, Ingenta Advertising, Ingenta Content, Ingenta Connect, VISTA and Publishers Communication Group (PCG)
SubsidiariesPublishers Communication Group (PCG)

The company provides software systems and services for the publishing industry, including systems that support the infrastructure of a publisher (including production, distribution, royalties and editorial) and the digital delivery of publishers' products. Their Publishers Communication Group division provides sales and marketing consultancy services for publishers.

Ingenta operates primarily from the UK (Oxford) and the USA (Boston, Massachusetts and Somerset, New Jersey), with local offices in Brazil, India, China and Australia.[2]


The company was formed in 2007 following the merger of Ingenta (founded in 1998), VISTA International (founded in 1977), and Publishers Communication Group (founded in 1990). From 2007 until 2016, it was known as Publishing Technology.

In 2016, Ingenta purchased the advertising software company 5fifteen.[3]


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