Idaikattur is a village panchayat in Sivaganga district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Idaikattur - quiet village and holy place for two faiths

Location in Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates: 9.7°N 78.48°E / 9.7; 78.48
Country India
StateTamil Nadu
70 m (230 ft)
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
630 560
Telephone code914574 XX
Vehicle registrationTN 63


Idaikattur is located at sivagangai district.[1] It has an average elevation of 700 metres (2290 feet).


Idaikattur is a small village 30 km from Madurai. For a big village, it has two important holy places to boast of.

It is a holy land where famed Siddhar Idaikaadar lived and hosted Navagrahas during a famine. A small navagraha temple stands there as a testimony. Rajinikanth used to visit and worship this temple every year. The village also have a more prominent and internationally acclaimed more than 100 years old Church ‘built by angels‘.


As of 2001 India census,[2] Idaikattur had a population of 18,658. Males constitute 45% of the population and females 45%. In Idaikattur, 10% of the population is under 6 years of age.


A vast majority of the workforce is dependent on agriculture (72.8%). The principal crop of Idaikattur village is paddy. The other crops that are grown are sugarcane and groundnut.


  • Idaikattur Panchayat Board Primary School, Idaikattur
  • Idaikattur higher secondary school,idaikattur


  • Navagraha temple(Idaikaatar Sitthar)
  • Sacred heart of Jesus
  • Muruga temple
  • Perumal kovil
  • Mohaideen Andavar Pallivasal

Idaikattu Sittar

Itaikkatu is in the east of maturai is called the birth of placeurtan itaikkatar. Thondai Mandalam region iccittar lived in the town since the itaiyanmetu itaikkatar say that has to be called.

Vaippavaiyakum shatters the status of their sufferings navakkirakankaltam humans. Originator wave planets such naval iccittar The- kulamakiya Conor's curse because of the shepherds tending cattle ancestry, was born and illiterate.

Malaiccarivup area near his home, he reinforcement would drive for grazing livestock. Pasture and left them to the region from where a tree planted in his mind kompinai ninruvituvar his position civaye compiler. Flying somewhere still alive.

     He stood on the stage during a day meymmaranta navanata Siddha was going through the air, one saw him. "Without this manitan civat elittarivu nirkinrane hushed in! How could this man? "It came down to earth from the sky itaikkatar aiyurru to the Siddha, son, what you see there? What are you talking about? What will you do with the interaction? Palavarakak be asked.

Siddha navanata looked and looked and asked, startling, itaikkatar. Itaikkatar cittaraik rejoiced at the sight of him standing in front of. Aiyane! Tankala? Tankala appeared in front of me? Oh .... Standing foot lot kontirukkirirkale they were just sit here ... .. sit tarppaippul virippaip tannaruke that the Lord put the Siddha itaikkatar needs. Palin, who was grazing his sheep one after extracting its Siddha brought great joy to the itaikkatar provided. Siddha Lord has given his mind after attuppalai itaikkatar tuned up sound wisdom for him to buy milk valankitat parukiyat was tiruvullam. Without literacy in the light of true understanding annoti itaikkatar payak found themselves flooded. He was peranantap. Arthritis, remedies, wisdom, yoga learned everything as clearly and quickly.

     Finishing taught everything they need to karpittita itaikkatarukkut navanata Siddha maraintarulinar quickly. Itaikkatar atukantu displeased,

I saw ayirattettu circle I saw stops antavattattulle Advice nalattu saw nurrettum The recession eased doubts manatturum

Discern in mind that, as he realized the wisdom of God, morality ventit patalkalakap critical stand on the subject of human enlightenment tuvankinaritaikkatar ceytaruliyavar to go to Sage, who will epitaph before he pulippaniyaip palaniyilum, serving itaikkatarait messenger come from Tiruvannamalai was reportedly ordered to go to the sage. As evident in the mid-Carter's grave is located in Tiruvannamalai. Itaikkatar wrote numerous books. In his Urvashi pancarattinat

Pride itaikkattuc Siddha Language He spoke of the world Knowing the big protagonist of the seven readings Nulitarkuc cariyakumo Poetry readings and seven thousand seven Besides ennuratu elunul Anju Anju nuratilum nuratarku Elatarku top elunuru Live art three nurayutak Variable seven hundredth He said that it is composed of many books.

Itaikkatar was astrological art is excellent. Today, the annual calendar of the Curia of the song positioned itaikkatar single find that the public benefits.

Tarumari pinpeyyum, tired of the pre-quarters Very little rain prevails donkey kulavu Cotton Famine desolate salt

Vekutanya too late in the year, which means it will rain. Cotton yields decrease and the salt reduced prices on climbing itaikkatar witness said, and today we see is genuine. Shortly after his astrological study by a system that cause famine itaikkatar felt. Munnerpatakat available erukkilai of his sheep up and trained to eat out. The grain is mashed together with soil kuruvaraku gated cottage was built. Erukkilaiyai eating sheep carcass urayntana arippetuttu wall. Distilled grain has fallen from the wall so the soil kuruvaraku lived. Itaikkatar prepare themselves to face the impending famine.

Predictably it was famine. With food, drinking water without killing people. The towns were palpattup. The country looked like a desert without movement of people. But, as always, only itaikkatar lived with his sheep.

Seeing this Navagraha amazed heroes. This phenomenon is what the country is going palpattup famine. We had been living as usual itaikkatar How? Struggled to understand. The need to identify the cause of the planetary hero itaikkatar nine people gathered together and came to the hut.

Navagraha heroes saw his hut was poranantam itaikkatar. Alas, this celestial phenomenon and what my house residents vantullirkale you eat a little bit at first. What this is going to be poor MILLET bread and goat are palumtan. Ikalatirkal that these simple recipes. I'll give my life to attend. There hardship ivvunavai Make amends. Navagraha heroes who came to his house to talk later needs.

You can not deny his request and heroes of the Navagraha itaikkatar cittarana MILLET attuppalaip drank bread. Erukkilaic nutrient-rich dairy heroes fainted since the Navagraha drank it. They all saw what itaikkatar mayakkamurruk extraterrestrial heroes are in place in the organization, changing the bed hung poliyumo rain.

And dark clouds gathered in the sky dark. Rain. Cooler, dry earth. Rivers, ponds, puddles filled with the routes. Navagraha heroes awakened and found that they were overwhelmed located discern faint metastasized. They felt that they had done it in the moment Siddha. Domino itaikkatar famine prevailed in the country's intelligence Pleased gifts they gave to him were pioneers.

Came to spread the popularity of itaikkatar. And to see him, to teaching, and in the corner of the world, large number of people gathered mutukkiliruntellam.

Worshippers of Vishnu once the foundation of a doubt. The return of the ten incarnations etuttullare worship in any form will soon be available ahead of the results. Siddha devotees of Vishnu, who suffered without finding the answer to the clue to this came itaikkatar asked as to get that. But Siddha perumanakiya itaikkataro, poor cow herd went kurivittuc that iliccavayan.

Searching for answers to the uncertainty of the return on their siddha devotees do not understand the answer immediately. Wondered for a long time. If dairy goat herd of Krishna, if iliccavayan Narasimha, Rama decided that if the poor who live in poverty cakkaravarttit tirumakanakap were born. Accordingly, Sri Krishna, Narasimha Murthy, Sri Rama worshiped the trio realized that soon we will get a clear pleasure. Tirttaruliya easily transition their aiyap song praises Carter enjoyed the insights.

Itaikkatar kataiccanka lived that long, tiruvalluva evening katukait pierce, that starts with introducing the seven sea pls He sang lyrics that proclaim the greatness of a component. Contemporary Kulasekara Pandya that he, along with kapilar mannaraik Pandya king came to see with respect offended because he had not moved from where he had left with itaikkatar Following kapilar pulavarkalum the union said. Seeing this need pardon for the mistake that he regretted Pandya itaikkatar invited to the palace, with due respect to him, and turned to face the other referred to as the poet perumakkalum aracavaikkut. He sang songs Akananuru, narrinai, kuruntokai, etc. are Purananuru. But the songs are sung itaikkatar say another person.

Born in the town in Kerala itaikkatu ucimuri enruraipporum he has authored the book. He is the incarnation of Vishnu enrumkutak kuriyullanartam a few of the book's nanacuttiram 70 itaikkatar up song,

Standing at the end of the first scene that backup Body Cargo identifiable item kappir Standing in the middle of the backup first mutarcerttu Kappam stanza as Ganapathi taliru Backup first molar Goraksha Easter Kamalamuni pokarisi Padang insulation

Sung said. Thus pokamunivare as his mentor, was shepherding sheep itaikkatar sound wisdom to assert that sage said to ceytaruliyavar teaching. Poker in the tomb that has been said in Jnana Thiruvidaimarudur itaikkatar catarat

Sacred Heart of Jesus

This unique church of the sacred heart of Jesus was built in 1894 AD by a French missionary Fr. Ferdinand Celle SJ. This is a replica of the Rheims Cathedral in France. Since the church was said to be built by angels, Fr. Ferdinand Celle SJ has placed 153 depictions of angels in and around the church He has depicted the relics of forty saints in four elliptical shaped wooden bowls, which rest over the wooden heart in the main altar portion. We pray for all the devotees of the sacred heart continuously through these heavenly beings.

Sacred Heart shrine at Idaikattur

Although the sacred heart shrine at Idaikattur is a replica of the Rheims cathedral in France, It has some unique features It is constructed with 200 different types of moulded bricks and tiles in lime martyr. They are used for its decoration. The inner Gothic arches rest over the columns embedded with ribs its corner rising up to the vaulted roof. The windows are decorated with small brick pillars adjoined with hallow flower bricks and stained glass works which depicts the events of the way of the cross colourfully and beautifully. Since south India is a tropical country utilization of the hallow bricks in the construction reduces the heat and also there is a vacuum gap between inner vaulted roof makes an air-conditioned system below the shelter of the wall. The stucco figures and the statues of saint, angels and the sacred heart of Jesus, his foster father St. Joseph and the Holy family statue with golden gilt and the mother of sorrows are of great beauty and symbol of ancient French art work. Historical events of the conversion given by St. John de Britto to Kattayadevan, son-in-law of Kilavan Sethupathi king from Hinduism to Christianity and de Britto's sentence of death by king Kilavan Sethupathi are depicted in stained glass work on northern and southern entrance facade. The main altar of the church is more beautiful with gigantic Gothic facade of 45 feet high with stucco figures of God the father holding His only crucified son Jesus by his hands and the holy spirit proceeding from his chest surrounded by angels in clouds and in the glittering gold rays of the sun around the whole work are relief from the wall. This main altar depicts the doctrine of the Christianity i.e., the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are in one and the same clearly shown to all people who look at it. The Gothic arches are decorated with rows of beads, flowers, garlands. They all are in terracotta works.

Pascaa - The greatest stage drama forever

Pascaa is a Festival that was celebrated by the Israel people in ancient days. Pascaa means crossing past. Here in Idaikattur, this festival is being celebrated for two days by the villagers on the next Friday and Saturday of the Good Friday, every year, for the past 139 years. In this event, the Life history of Jesus is staged as a drama, up to the death of Christ on the first day and up to the ascension on the second day.

The whole drama was scripted from Bible by a group of uneducated villagers, called " ANNAVIYAR" and the dialogues are never changed for this 3 generations which coincide anywhere and anytime in the common life. Based on the ancient Tamil cultural dramas of Tamil Nadu, this epic attracts tens of thousands of people from across the country. The lyrics of the songs of the drama which were penned by the same Annaviyar, composed with a mixture of western and classical music before 139 years, are proved as the best classicals of the two centuries.

The artists,numbering to a 100, are all the nativities of the village, inherit the ancient farmers of the village, who are in high positions of the society gather on this particular dates in the village from all over the world to submit themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Idaikattur.

The whole programme is a citadel for all the villagers apart from their religion and community.

The 139th year of pascaa is scheduled on 1 and 2 April 2016.

The proposal for the Guinness record is also submitted and is in process.


Idaikattur comes under Manamadurai assembly constituency (SC) is part of Sivaganga (Lok Sabha constituency)

To get there

On Madurai-Rameswaram NH between Madurai - Manamadurai lies ‘Muthanendal’ a non-descript small village. The speeding half-body Sand laden lorries in this route where notorious terror machines. Once you cautiously handled this stretch, and crossed ‘Thiruppachethi‘ - the village famous for long aruval !! (’thirupaachi aruva’) - the traffic is much less and the road inviting. It is easy to zip past ‘Muthanendal’, a non-descript bus stop & a few shops after a curve without noticing it.

This is the place to slow down to a halt to reach Idaikattur. A small sign board will inform you that ‘Idaikattur Shrine - 1km’ just a few paces before this point. It will help you to slow down. We have to take a 90 degree left turn just before the bus-stop and climb up to cross river Vaigai. The bridge is completely hidden as you approach the spot, so it is easy to miss it. Idaikattur is just a half kilometer after crossing the river.


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