IBM Fujisawa

IBM Fujisawa, located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan, was a manufacturing and development site of IBM Japan, Ltd., a subsidiary of IBM Corporation.

Fujisawa manufacturing

IBM Fujisawa was estblished in 1967. As a manufacturing plant, it produced the following products:

In 1971, manufacturing of System/360, System/370 and IBM 4300 mainframes moved to the newly opened IBM Yasu in Yasu, Shiga,[1]

In December, 2002, as Hitachi Ltd. bought IBM's harddisk division, IBM Fujisawa became the headquarters and the main plant of Hitachi Global Storage Technology.

Fujisawa development

In 1972, Fujisawa development lab was established in a new building inside the Fujisawa site. It developed the following hardware and software products:

For worldwide
For Japan and Asia/Pacific

In 1985, the development lab moved to a new site in Yamato, Kanagawa and was called IBM Yamato development laboratory.



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