Hydrous oxide

Hydrous oxides are inorganic compounds of metal, hydroxide and weakly bound water. Some common examples include:

  • Hydrous ferric oxide (HFO) also
  • Hydrous cupric oxide
  • hydrous thorium oxide (THO) and hydrous titanium oxide (TiHO) [1]
  • hydrous aluminum oxide (HAO)

Some of them (eg HFO, HAO) are precipitated in highly porous poorly crystaline or amorphous forms and therefore good adsorbents used eg in water treatment, see also Ferrihydrite.

Some others are gels.

Various hydrous oxide films may be used an various applications such as electrocatalysis, supercapacitors, sensors, etc.

HFO and HAO may also result from oxidative weathering of rocks to produce iron an aluminum hydrous oxide clay soils.

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