Homelessness in Egypt

Homelessness in Egypt is a significant social issue affecting some 12 million people in the country. Egypt has over 1,200 areas designated for irregular dwellings that do not conform to standard building laws, allowing homeless people to build shacks and other shelters for themselves.[1]

Reportedly, in Egypt, homelessness is defined to include those living in marginal housing.[2] Some scholars have stated that there is no agreed upon definition of homelessness in Egypt due to the difficulties government would face if an official definition were accepted.[3]

According to UNICEF, there are 1 million children living on the streets in Egypt.[4] Other researchers estimate the number to be some 3 million.[5] Homelessness NGOs assisting street children include those such as Hope Village Society,[4] and NAFAS.[2] Other NGOs, such as Plan International Egypt, work to reintegrate street children back into their families.[6]


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