HMS Success (1825)

HMS Success was an Atholl-class 28-gun sixth-rate wooden sailing ship notable for exploring Western Australia and the Swan River in 1827 as well as being one of the first ships to arrive at the fledgling Swan River Colony two years later, at which time she ran aground off Carnac Island.

Success undergoing repairs after running aground on Carnac Reef
United Kingdom
Name: HMS Success
Ordered: 5 June 1819
Builder: Pembroke Dockyard
Laid down: July 1823
Launched: 30 August 1825
Commissioned: 3 June 1825 at Plymouth[1]
Reclassified: Receiving ship at Portsmouth 1833
Fate: Broken up at Portsmouth in June 1849
General characteristics
Class and type: Atholl-class 28-gun sixth-rate corvette
Tons burthen: 499 91/94 bm
  • 113 ft 8 in (34.6 m) (gundeck)
  • 94 ft 8 34 in (28.9 m) (keel)
Beam: 31 ft 6 in (9.6 m)
Depth of hold: 8 ft 9 in (2.67 m)
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
Complement: 175


Her keel was laid at Pembroke Dock in August 1823[1] and she was launched on 31 August 1825. She was 114 ft long (35 m) and 32 ft wide (9.8 m), and was a sixth-rate ship with 28 guns, including twenty 32-pounders.[2][3]

She was sent by the Royal Navy on a mission to New South Wales and Melville Island. She made an expedition to the Swan River in 1827, arriving there in early March. Captain James Stirling was in command. There is a record of the expedition, An account of the expedition of H.M.S. 'Success', Captain James Stirling, RN., from Sydney, to the Swan River, in 1827 by Augustus Gilbert. Another account The visit of Charles Fraser (the colonial botanist of New South Wales) : to the Swan River in 1827, with his opinion on the suitableness of the district for a settlement was published in 1832.

On 3 December 1829 Success was grounded on Carnac Reef.[4] She was dismantled and repaired, with assistance from HMS Cruizer.[5]

In 1832 Success was engaged in harbour service. In January 1840, Success was a receiving ship in Portsmouth.[3] She was broken up in 1849.[6]

Success Bank, the suburb of Success and a number of other features in Western Australia are named after the ship.


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