Gharbia Governorate

Gharbia Governorate (Arabic: محافظة الغربية Muḥāfaẓah Al Gharbeya, IPA: [alɣɑɾˈbejjɑ, -jæ]) is one of the governorates of Egypt. It is located in the north of the country, south of Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, and north of Monufia Governorate. Its capital is Tanta, which is 90 km north of Cairo, and 120 km south east of Alexandria. The largest city in Gharbia is El Mahalla El Kubra. The total area of Gharbia governorate is 1,942 km2, making it the tenth largest governorate of Egypt.

Gharbia Governorate


Gharbia Governorate on the map of Egypt
Coordinates: 30.867°N 31.028°E / 30.867; 31.028
Country Egypt
SeatTanta (capital)
  GovernorHisham El-Said Mohamed El-Sayed[1]
  Total1,942 km2 (750 sq mi)
 (January 2018)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
HDI (2017)0.707[4]
high · 8th

Municipal divisions

The governorate is divided into municipal divisions, with a total estimated population, as of July 2017, of 5,018,545. In some instances there is a markaz and a kism with the same name.[5][6]

Municipal Divisions
Anglicized nameNative nameArabic transliterationPopulation
(July 2017 Est.)
El Mahalla El Kubraمركز المحله الكبرىAl-Maḥallah al-Kubrā795,468Markaz
El Mahalla El Kubra 1قسم أول المحلة الكبرىAl-Maḥallah al-Kubrā 1160,102Kism (fully urban)
El Mahalla El Kubra 2قسم ثان المحلة الكبرىAl-Maḥallah al-Kubrā 2248,149Kism (fully urban)
El Mahalla El Kubra 3قسم ثالث المحلة الكبرىAl-Maḥallah al-Kubrā 3114,548Kism (fully urban)
El Santaمركز السنطةAs-Sanṭah482,189Markaz
Basyounمركز بسيونBasyūn297,379Markaz
Kafr El Zayatمركز كفر الزياتKafr az-Zayyāt457,277Markaz
Kotoorمركز قطورQuṭūr339,538Markaz
Samanoudمركز سمنودSamannūd399,473Markaz
Tantaمركز طنطاṬanṭā686,575Markaz
Tanta 1قسم أول طنطاṬanṭā 1270,603Kism (fully urban)
Tanta 2قسم ثان طنطاṬanṭā 2238,151Kism (fully urban)
Zeftaمركز زفتىZiftā430,542Markaz
Zeftaقسم زفتىZiftā98,551Kism (fully urban)


The name of al-Gharbiyya ("the western one") has been used as a district name in Egypt since shortly after the Arab conquest of Egypt.[7] In the 13th century it comprised 165 villages, while the 15th-century geographer al-Qalqashandi describes it as fertile and prosperous.[7]

El Mahalla El Kubra was the provincial capital until 1836, when it was succeeded by Tanta.[7]

In modern times, it is notable for the cultivation of cotton, and its textile industry.[7]


In 1960, the governorate numbered 1,815,000 inhabitants.[7] According to population estimates, in 2015 the majority of residents in the governorate lived in rural areas, with an urbanization rate of only 30.0%. Out of an estimated 4,751.865 people residing in the governorate, 3,324,630 people lived in rural areas as opposed to only 1,427,235 in urban areas.[8]


Projects and programs

In 2016, Switzerland committed to funding a solid waste management program in Gharbia, a project with the Egyptian Ministry of Environment that will conclude in 2021. The National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP) involves the construction of infrastructure for new, as well as the expansion and improvement of existing waste treatment, landfill, and recycling facilities.[9]

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