George Edward Post

George Edward Post (18381909), son of Alfred Charles Post was a professor of surgery at the Syrian Protestant College in Beirut, now the American University of Beirut (AUB).[1] He had originally graduated from University College of New York.[2] He later published 18 articles in Arabic, including Arabic Dictionary of the Holy Bible, Classification and Study of Principles of Plant Physiology and Function and Rules How to Succeed and converted 2 text from Arabic into English.[2] Post published broadly in the areas of natural history, medicine, and theology.[3] Post formally described 221 taxa, and published an extensive volume on the Plant of Syria, Palestine and Sinai in 1896. He was also one of the contributors to Smith's Bible Dictionary, in 1893.[4] He was also the editor (with John Edward Dinsmore), published in 1932 of 'Flora of Syria, Palestine, And Sinai': Volume 1: A Handbook of The Flowering Plants and Ferns, Native and Naturalized From The Taurus to Ras Muhammad And From the Mediterranean Sea to The Syrian Desert, Vol I and II.[5] Which includes description of many new plants including Iris hermona.[6]


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