Geesaley (Somali: Gesalay, Arabic: جآسالآي), also known as Gesulli, is a coastal town in the northeastern Bari province of Somalia. It is situated in the autonomous Puntland region.



Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 11°44′50″N 50°30′12″E
Country Somalia
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)


Geesaley is located at 11°44′49.76″N 50°30′12.47″E, facing the Gulf of Aden. It lies 4 nautical miles (4.6 miles) northeast of Murcanyo and 2.6 nautical miles (3 miles) southwest of Habo.


The town is situated on a low plain surrounded by the Jebel Murcanyo mountain range and an elongated bay that lies in the Gulf of Aden. ' meaning mountain in Arabic), the mountain range stretches across the Bari region to the Indian Ocean coastline at Bargal. It consists of cream-coloured limestone, as well as sandstone, shale and quartz.[1]


On April 8, 2013, the Puntland government announced the creation of a new region coextensive with Geesaley and Cape Guardafui, named Gardafuul. Carved out of the Bari region, it consists of three districts and has its capital at Alula.


According to the Puntland Ministry of Education, there is 1 primary school in Geesaley.[2]

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