Ganta United Methodist Hospital

Ganta United Methodist Hospital is a hospital in Ganta, northeast Liberia. The hospital serves a population of around 450,000 in Liberia and neighbouring countries.

Ganta United Methodist Hospital
United Methodist Church
LocationGanta, Nimba County, Liberia
Coordinates7°14′16″N 8°57′54″W
Emergency departmentYes
ListsHospitals in Liberia


The hospital was established in 1926 by Dr. George Way Harley and his wife Winifred. It had to close after severe damage by looting and a rocket attack during the summer of 2003, but reopened in March 2004.


In 2005, the hospital has two physicians, an ophthalmologist, and a general practitioner who also carries out surgery. Services provided by the hospital include an outpatient clinic, obstetrics, pediatrics, and laboratory services. It also runs an Eye Project with a jeep-equipped outreach team to bring patients for operations such as cataract removal.

The hospital is part of a complex which includes a leprosy and tuberculosis rehabilitation centre, schools and vocational training facilities, and a demonstration farm.

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