is a company that offers services for event video production, online distribution and monetization.[2][3] The company currently serves more than 500 organizations, primarily working with event and conference organizers., Inc.
Type of businessPrivately Held
Type of site
Video production, webcasting and video on demand
Key peopleBob Appel, CEO and President Jack Sullivan, Co-CEO
Alexa rank 822,101 (December 2018)[1]

Company history was founded by Brian Gruber, formerly the first marketing director for C-SPAN in 2005.[4][5] Gruber intended it as a forum for the exchange of ideas and conversation, (hence the name fora, plural for forum), and to provide video services to conferences. By 2008, the company had partnered with numerous schools and institutions, acquiring a library of public lectures and colloquia.[6]

The firm is funded by private investors.[7]

Services's services range from single-camera shoots to full-scale conference video production. The revenue methods for its partners include sponsorships, pay-per-view and advertising. has offices in San Francisco and New York City.

Video library provided a digital forum where people could get and discuss information on technology, politics, culture, entertainment and more. It hosted a curated library that featured more than 25,000 unmediated videos drawn from its clients’ live events, lectures and debates at universities, think tanks, conferences, etc.

The library provided several ways to interact with the videos, such as comments, transcripts, and translations.[8] In February 2009, the company partnered with Wired in creating a channel for videos about technological, science, business, and cultural issues.[9] Time featured the website and four others in its "50 Best Websites 2009".[10] was praised for its intellectual videos[11] with a few calling it "The C-SPAN of the Web";[12] and it was compared with the online TED Talks.[13][6][14] Website traffic continued to grow for the intellectual hour-long videos to about 3 million views per month by September 2010, tripling in 18 months.[15]

In August 31, 2018, the online video library was taken down.[16] The earlier version of the website had boasted that "brilliant ideas are expressed everyday, everywhere, and we don't want you to miss them" and invited a visitor to "watch events". After the takedown of the library, the site only advertises video production services, mentioning in passing, "25,000+ videos produced".

As of July, 2019 the website "" is not accessible.


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