Fire Technology

Fire Technology is a peer-reviewed journal publishing scientific research dealing with the full range of actual, possible, and potential fire hazards facing humans and the environment.[1] It publishes original contributions, both theoretical and empirical, that contribute to the solution of problems in fire safety and related fields. It is published by Springer in conjunction with the National Fire Protection Association and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.[2]

Fire Technology
Edited byGuillermo Rein
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1.420 (2018)
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ISO 4Fire Technol.
ISSN0015-2684 (print)
1572-8099 (web)
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Topics include material testing, fire modelling, detection and suppression, performance-based building design, building code, emergency evacuation and human behaviour, fire investigation, wildfire and fire risk analysis.

Annually, three awards are presented to the best papers appearing in Fire Technology. The Harry C. Bigglestone Award for excellence in communication of fire protection concepts is given by the Fire Protection Research Foundation to the best overall paper. The Jack Bono Award for engineering communications is given by The Society of Fire Protection Engineers’ Educational and Scientific Foundation to the paper that has most contributed to the advancement of professional fire protection engineering. And the Tibor Z. Harmathy Award for the best paper led by a student given by Springer.

The Jack Watts Award for Outstanding Reviewer of Fire Technology is presented annually to those whose reviews were most valuable in terms of the quality, in-depth, number and timeliness.

Harry C. Bigglestone Award

Harry C. Bigglestone Award is given annually to the paper appearing in Fire Technology that best represents excellence in the communication of fire protection concepts. Accompanying this award is a USD 2,000 cash prize from the Fire Protection Research Foundation.

It is named to honour the memory of Harry C. Bigglestone, who served as a trustee of the Fire Protection Research Foundation and chair of the NFPA Committee on Central Station Signaling Systems and who was a fellow and past president of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.[3]


Source: National Fire Protection Association

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