Fire Equipment Manufacturers' Association


Founded in 1930, The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ FEMA is an international, non-profit trade association dedicated to manufacturing commercial fire protection equipment to serve as the first line of defense against fire in its early stages. The association centers its efforts around the key premise that safety to life is best achieved through the implementation of a “balanced fire protection design” – a concept in which a proactive safety plan does not rely on any single safeguard.

The Fire Equipment Manufacturers' Association works in conjunction with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International Code Council, local, state, national officials to advance positive fire and building codes, laws and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. regarding relevant safety standards.


Member companies unite to save lives and protect property through education and awareness, advancement of the fire equipment marketplace and improvement in regulatory requirements.


The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association is organized into three divisions:

Member companies work in smaller product-specific teams, as well as collectively, to impact industry issues and outcomes.

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