Ferdinand von Malaisé

Ferdinand Malaisé, after 1862 Ritter Ferdinand von Malaisé (23 February 1806, Linz on the Rhine, Germany - 29 June 1892, Munich, Germany). Knight of the Order of St. Joseph of Tuscany (III Class), the Iron Crown of Austria (II Class with Laurels) and the Bavarian Order of Merit (III Class), Major General, 1st Royal Bavarian Field Artillery Brigade, Professor of Mathematics, Royal Bavarian Cadet Corps and tutor to Ludwig III, the last King of Bavaria.


Ferdinand was the son of Christophe[1] Malaisé (10 December 1773, St Menges, France - 25 April 1852, München, Germany) and Magdalena Stephani (17 October 1769, Mainz, Germany - 12 January 1821, Rheinzabern, Germany). Christoph was employed by the Rhine Customs Union (Rheinschifffahrts-Octroi), formed in 1804 by the French and Holy Roman Empires to facilitate the free movement of goods on the Rhine. In 1821, Christoph was redeployed from his post in Neuburg am Rhein to Germersheim and on the journey his wife Magdalena died from a haemorrhage.

In 1822 at the age of 16, Ferdinand joined the Bavarian Army in Landau. In 1825 he was posted to Munich where in 1830 he married Adelheid Wibmer, the daughter of Sebastian Alois Wibmer, a court official. After being promoted to Captain, Ferdinand became tutor to Ludwig III, the last King of Bavaria and his brother Prinz Leopold. After further promotions in 1853 and 1861, Ferdinand was awarded the Royal Bavarian Order of Merit in 1862. In 1870 he was appointed Commander, 1st Royal Bavarian Field Artillery Brigade and Director of Field Artillery, 1st Royal Bavarian Corps during the Franco-Prussian War (19 July 1870 – 10 May 1871). In 1887 he was enrolled in the lower nobility of Bavaria and the prefix "von" was permanently added to his surname. He died in June 1892 and is buried in the Alte Südfriedhof in München, Germany.

There is no direct connection to the de la Malaise family, Seigneurs in Lavoir in the 16th Century.


Ferdinand married Adelheid Wibmer on 25 Nov 1830 in München, Bavaria. They had three sons:

  • Ferdinand Eugen Karl Maria Luitpold von Malaisé (* 10 May 1907, München, Germany; † 15 Sep 1984, Tegernsee, Germany) ∞ Clara Emilie Therese Münchmeyer, granddaughter of Friedrich Ernst Alwin Münchmeyer. They had 5 children:
  • Nicolas Christoph Axel von Malaisé (* 9 April 1962, Bad Godesberg, Germany)
  • Dominik Otto Johannes von Malaisé (* 28 Nov 1964, Bielefeld, Germany)
Christoph re-married Madeleine Izard (* 7 Oct 1931, Paris, France; † 20 July 1982, Zug, Switzerland). They had three sons:
  • Louis Christoph Noël von Malaisé (* 24 Dec 1967, Paris, France; † 18 Feb 2014, Zug, Switzerland)
  • Carl Jean Luc von Malaisé (10 April 1969, Paris, France)
  • Stefan Nicolas Fabrice von Malaisé (11 July 1971, Paris, France)
  • Marianne Renata Elisabeth von Malaisé (* 30 Dec 1934, Nurnberg, Germany) ∞ Rudolf August Oetker (* 20 Sep 1916, Bielefeld, Germany; † 16 January 2007, Hamburg, Germany)
  • Otto Manfred Karl Ferdinand von Malaisé (*28 Sep 1936, Nurnberg, Germany) ∞ Alexandra Freiin von Dörnberg (6 Oct 1960, Seckau, Germany; † )
  • Marie-Elisabeth Viktorine Therese von Malaisé (* 21 April 1940, Nurnberg, Germany) ∞ Johann Sebastian Rudolf Hubertus Maria Baron (Freiherr) Schenk von Stauffenberg (16 Aug 1963, Schloss Ristissen, Germany) ⦻ 1985. She re-married in 2012 to Count Bolko von Hochberg, 6th Prince of Pless (* 3 April 1936).
  • Maria-Theresia Clara Irene von Malaisé (born 15 June 1945, Bad Reichenhall, Germany) ∞ Dr. Jan-Ernst Frowein (born 25 July 1938, Wuppertal, Germany; died 2010, Hamburg, Germany).
  • Gertraud Mechthild Marianne Viktoria Renata von Malaisé (born 25 October 1911, München; died)
  • Wolfgang Konrad Eugen Ferdinand Maria von Malaisé (born 21 March 1914, München, Germany; died 6 March 1991, Tegernsee, Germany)
  • Viktor Eugen Max Maria von Malaisé (* 11 Nov 1917, München, Germany; † )
  • Ernst Joseph Alfred von Malaisé (* München 26 August 1838; † Bamberg 26 July 1891)
  • Karl Joseph Christoph Franz von Malaisé (* München 09.06.1840; † Landshut, 23 October 1876)


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