Eugene C. Bingham

Eugene Cook Bingham (8 December 1878 – 6 November 1945) was a professor and head of the department of chemistry at Lafayette College.[1] Bingham made many contributions to rheology, a term he is credited (along with Markus Reiner) with introducing.[2] He was a pioneer in both its theory and practice. The type of fluid known as a Bingham plastic or Bingham Fluid is named after him, as is Bingham Stress. He was also one of the people responsible for the construction of the Appalachian Trail.[3]


Bingham was born on 8 December 1878 in Cornwall, Vermont.[1]

He was awarded the Franklin Institute's Certificate of Merit in 1921 for his variable pressure viscometer.[4] In 1922, as chairman of the Metric Committee of the American Chemical Society, he campaigned for the United States to adopt the metric system.[5][6]

Bingham died on 6 November 1945 in Easton, Pennsylvania.[1]


The Society of Rheology has awarded the Bingham Medal annually since 1948.[7]

Selected publications

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