Elections in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic elects a legislature at a national level. The Parliament (Czech: Parlament České republiky) has two chambers. The Chamber of Deputies (Czech: Poslanecká sněmovna) has 200 members, elected for a four-year term by proportional representation with a 5% election threshold for political parties. The Senate (Czech: Senát) has 81 members in single-seat constituencies, elected by two-round runoff voting for a six-year term, with one third of seats contested every even year in the autumn. The President of the Czech Republic was indirectly elected for five-year terms until 2012; beginning with the 2013 election, the president is elected by direct two-round runoff voting.[1]

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There have been municipal elections every four years since 1990 and regional elections every four years starting in 2000. These elections take place in the autumn.

The Czech Republic has a multi-party system.

Voting in Czech elections is normally held over two days, from Friday afternoon until early afternoon on Saturday.

Latest Presidential election

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Miloš ZemanParty of Civic Rights1,985,54738.562,853,39051.36
Jiří DrahošIndependent, with KDU–ČSL and STAN support1,369,60126.602,701,20648.63
Pavel FischerIndependent526,69410.23
Michal HoráčekIndependent472,6439.18
Marek HilšerIndependent454,9498.83
Mirek TopolánekIndependent, with ODS support221,6894.30
Jiří HynekRealists63,3481.23
Petr HannigParty of Common Sense29,2280.56
Vratislav KulhánekCivic Democratic Alliance24,4420.47
Invalid/blank votes29,09713,031
Registered voters/turnout8,366,43361.928,362,98766.60
Source: Volby

Latest Chamber of Deputies election

 Summary of the 20 – 21 October 2017 Czech Chamber of Deputies election results
Party Ideology Votes % Seats Change
ANO 2011 Catch-all, Populism 1,500,113 29.64 78 +31
Civic Democratic Party Liberal conservatism, Euroscepticism 572,962 11.32 25 +9
Czech Pirate Party Pirate politics, Pro-Europeanism 546,393 10.79 22 +22
Freedom and Direct Democracy Direct democracy, Hard Euroscepticism 538,574 10.64 22 *
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia Communism, Euroscepticism 393,100 7.76 15 -18
Czech Social Democratic Party Social democracy, Pro-Europeanism 368,347 7.27 15 −35
Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party Christian democracy, Pro-Europeanism 293,643 5.80 10 -4
TOP 09 Liberal conservatism, Pro-Europeanism 268,811 5.31 7 -19
Mayors and Independents Localism, Pro-Europeanism 262,157 5.18 6 *
Party of Free Citizens Right-libertarianism, Euroscepticism 79,229 1.56 0 0
Green Party Green politics, Pro-Europeanism 74,335 1.46 0 0
Others 0
Total (turnout 60.84%) 5,060,759 100.00 200
* Did not stand in previous election
Source: Czech Statistical Office

Latest Senate election

 Senate of the Czech Republic composition after the 2008 election and 2007 by-election in 2 constituencies
Party Seats
Civic Democratic Party 35
Czech Social Democratic Party 29
Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party includes 1 elected in 2002 as an independent candidate 7
Caucus SNK (Senátorský klub SNK) comprises 6 senators elected for
SNK European Democrats 1
Independents Movement (Hnutí NEZÁVISLÍ) 1*
Independent Mayors for Region (Nezávislí starostové pro kraj) 1*
Caucus of Open Democracy (Klub otevřené demokracie) comprises 7 senators elected for
Freedom Union–Democratic Union 1*
Green Party 1*
Party for the Open Society in 2006 1*
United Democrats - Union of Independents (Spojení demokraté - Sdružení nezávislých) 1*
Non aligned
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia in 2002, 2004 and 2007 3
Total 81
Source: Czech Statistical Office, Senate

The electoral party (the party on whose label the senator ran) can be volatile, especially with senators elected for tiny parties, so caucuses are more relevant.

  • For senators from tiny electoral parties who are not their formal members

Past elections and referendums

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Presidential elections

European elections

Regional elections

Municipal elections

Czechoslovakia-era elections

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The Constitution of the Czech Republic mentions referendum only in context of "referendum concerning the accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union"[2] There are no other provisions concerning referendums. Therefore, the only referendum ever held in the Czech Republic was Czech European Union membership referendum in 2003. The Government of the Czech Republic approved a referendum bill in 2005,[3] but it was never passed by the parliament.

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