El Manzala

El Manzala is a region (markaz) in Egypt. Situated in the Dakahlia Governorate, it lies on the Lake Manzala coast (which it is named after) in the northeastern part of the country.

El Manzala

Fishermen on Lake Manzala
El Manzala
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 31°12′N 32°12′E
Country Egypt
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)


In 2018 money was earmarked by the Egyptian Government for infrastructure projects in El Manzala.[1]


El Manzala comprises villages such as:

  • Arab Zidan
  • Awlad Alam
  • Awlad Bana
  • Awlad Hana
  • Awlad Nasser
  • Awlad Nour
  • Awlad Serag
  • Awlad Soboor
  • Bani Hilal
  • El Ahmadiya
  • El Amarna
  • El Aziza
  • El Basaila
  • El Bosrat
  • El Dakanwa
  • El Dakanwa El Gedida
  • El Forasat
  • El Gideeda
  • El Hawata
  • El Nasaima
  • El Orban
  • El Qazaqiza
  • El Sherifiya
  • El Shibool
  • El Sataita
  • El Tawabra
  • Ezbet El Belasi

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