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Egypt first participated at the Olympic Games in 1912, and has sent athletes to compete in most editions of the Summer Olympic since then. Along with Iraq and Lebanon, Egypt boycotted the 1956 Summer Olympics in protest of the tripartite Israeli, British, and French invasion of Egypt in the Suez War. However, the equestrian events for the 1956 Games were held in Stockholm, Sweden five months earlier (because of Australian quarantine regulations), and three Egyptian riders competed there. Egypt withdrew from the 1976 Summer Olympics after three days of competition to join the broad African boycott in response to the participation of New Zealand, who still had sporting links with apartheid South Africa. Egypt also participated in the American-led boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics. Egypt's lone participation at the Winter Olympic Games was a single alpine skier in 1984.

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1906 Intercalated Games

Egyptian athletes have won a total of 32 medals, with weightlifting as the top medal-producing sport.

The National Olympic Committee for Egypt is the Egyptian Olympic Committee, and was created in 1910.

Medal tables

Medals by Summer Games

Games Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Total Rank
1912 Stockholm10000
1920 Antwerp220000
1924 Paris330000
1928 Amsterdam32211417
1932 Los Angelesdid not participate
1936 Berlin54212515
1948 London85221516
1952 Helsinki106001140
1956 Melbourne30000
1960 Rome74011230
1964 Tokyo730000
1968 Mexico City300000
1972 Munich230000
1976 Montreal290000
1980 Moscowdid not participate
1984 Los Angeles114010133
1988 Seoul490000
1992 Barcelona750000
1996 Atlanta290000
2000 Sydney890000
2004 Athens97113546
2008 Beijing103002280
2012 London113031456
2016 Rio de Janeiro119003375
2020 Tokyofuture event
2024 Paris
2028 Los Angeles

Medals by Winter Games

Games Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Total Rank
1984 Sarajevo10000
1988–2018did not participate

Medals by sport

Totals (7 sports)7101532

List of medalists

Medal Name Games Sport Event
 GoldEl Sayed Nosseir 1928 Amsterdam WeightliftingMen's light heavyweight
 GoldIbrahim Moustafa 1928 Amsterdam WrestlingMen's Greco-Roman light heavyweight
 SilverFarid Simaika 1928 Amsterdam DivingMen's 10 m platform
 BronzeFarid Simaika 1928 Amsterdam DivingMen's 3 m springboard
 GoldAnwar Mesbah 1936 Berlin WeightliftingMen's lightweight
 GoldKhadr El Touni 1936 Berlin WeightliftingMen's middleweight
 SilverSaleh Soliman 1936 Berlin WeightliftingMen's featherweight
 BronzeIbrahim Shams 1936 Berlin WeightliftingMen's featherweight
 BronzeIbrahim Wasif 1936 Berlin WeightliftingMen's light heavyweight
 GoldMahmoud Fayad 1948 London WeightliftingMen's featherweight
 GoldIbrahim Shams 1948 London WeightliftingMen's lightweight
 SilverAttia Hamouda 1948 London WeightliftingMen's lightweight
 SilverMahmoud Hassan 1948 London WrestlingMen's Greco-Roman bantamweight
 BronzeIbrahim Orabi 1948 LondonWrestlingMen's Greco-Roman light heavyweight
 BronzeAbdel Aaal Rashed 1952 Helsinki WrestlingMen's Greco-Roman featherweight
 SilverOsman Sayed 1960 RomeWrestlingMen's Greco-Roman flyweight
 BronzeAbdel Moneim El-Guindi 1960 Rome BoxingMen's flyweight
 SilverMohamed Ali Rashwan 1984 Los AngelesJudoMen's open
 GoldKaram Gaber 2004 AthensWrestlingMen's Greco-Roman 96 kg
 SilverMohamed Aly 2004 AthensBoxingMen's super heavyweight
 BronzeAhmed Ismail 2004 Athens BoxingMen's light heavyweight
 BronzeMohamed Elsayed 2004 Athens BoxingMen's heavyweight
 BronzeTamer Bayoumi 2004 Athens TaekwondoMen's 58 kg
 BronzeHesham Mesbah 2008 Beijing JudoMen's −90 kg
 BronzeAbeer Abdelrahman 2008 Beijing WeightliftingWomen’s 69 kg
 SilverAlaaeldin Abouelkassem 2012 London FencingMen's foil
 SilverAbeer Abdelrahman 2012 London WeightliftingWomen’s 75 kg
 SilverKaram Gaber 2012 London WrestlingMen's Greco-Roman 84 kg
 BronzeTarek Yehia 2012 London WeightliftingMen’s 85 kg
 BronzeSara Ahmed 2016 Rio de Janeiro WeightliftingWomen's 69 kg
 BronzeMohamed Ihab 2016 Rio de Janeiro WeightliftingMen's 77 kg
 BronzeHedaya Malak 2016 Rio de Janeiro TaekwondoWomen's 57 kg


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