Dishna, Egypt

Dishna is an Egyptian settlement west of Qena situated on the north bank of the river Nile.


As the crow flies, the distance to Cairo is approximately 453 km (281 mi).[1][2]


An expedition of the Southern University of Texas explored the Sebilian culture on the Dishna plains.[3] The Ain Khoman tools of Oasis Baharia were identified as similar to the Esnan industry of the Dishna dated to c.12,300 B.P, differing only with respect to bifacial tools.[4] Several sites between Wadi Kubbaniya and the plains contained assemblages also of Esnan industrial production.[5] The Esnan industry also known as Mesnian, employs a non-levallois technique, productions composed largely of end-scrapers, though also including a much smaller number of arch-backed bladelets and trapezoid.[6]

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