Disc or disk (computing and American English) may refer to:

Media and entertainment

Data storage



  • Accretion disc, diffuse material in orbital motion around a central body such as a star or black hole
  • Circumstellar disc, a flat ring-shaped region around stars, composed of numerous smaller objects
  • Debris disk, a ring shaped circumstellar disk of dust and debris in orbit around a star
  • Disc (galaxy), a disc-shaped group of stars
  • Protoplanetary disk, a rotating disc of dense gas surrounding a newly formed star, a form of accretion disc
  • Scattered disc, a distant region of the Solar System thinly populated by icy minor planets




  • Disc brake, a device for slowing or stopping the rotation of a wheel
  • Disc parking, a parking regulation with free parking when using a parking disc (clock disc)
  • Vehicle licence, commonly known as a "tax disc" in the UK


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