Denshway Museum

The Denshway Museum is a museum in Al-Minufiyah, Egypt, 75 kilometers north west of Cairo which was established to commemorate the Denshawai Incident.

Denshway Museum
EstablishedJuly 1999
LocationAl-Minufiyah, Egypt, 75 kilometers north west of Cairo


The museum, which opened in July 1999 commemorates the Denshawai Incident, Egyptian peasants who killed a number of British occupation army officers in 1906, in retribution of the public hanging of Egyptian local villagers. The museum honours the seven Egyptians who were hanged by the British on 26 June 1906.

Museum idea

In creating the museum, it was hoped to remind villagers of the history that helped to shape the region and also provide a cultural center which would increase tourism in the region.[1]

Museum design

The museum's design is that of an Egyptian pigeon tower, referring to the habit of the British soldiers to hunt the local villagers pigeons. The building consists of three levels, with three levels connected by spiral stone stairs. The museum includes a replica of the gallows, paintings and sculptures that tell the story of the incident as it unfolded, five exhibition halls, and public space.[1]


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