Democratic Peace Party

The Democratic Peace Party is a small Egyptian political party that was formed in 2005.[2] According to its chairman on Al-Faraeen TV (Parliament and parties program) he stated that there are about one million members in the party. The party has been described as a party that is "secular leaning but embraces an Islamic identity."[2] The party presses for establishing peace in the region and worldwide. The party has been considered a remnant of the formerly ruling National Democratic Party.[3]

Democratic Peace Party
ChairmanAhmed Fadaly[1]
Founded4 July 2005[2]
Liberal democracy
Liberal nationalism
National affiliationIndependent Current Coalition[1]
House of Representatives
5 / 596


The party platform calls for:

  • Establishing democracy.
  • Solving problems of the citizens.
  • Boosting Egypt's status on the regional and international arenas.
  • Uprooting illiteracy.
  • Ensuring women's rights.


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