Constitution of the Communist Party of China

The Constitution of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has 53 Articles and includes contents of General Program, Membership, Organization System, Central Organizations, Local Organizations, Primary Organizations, Party Cadres, Party Discipline, Party Organs for Discipline Inspection, Leading Party Members' Groups, Relationship Between the Party and the Communist Youth League, Party Emblem and Flag.

Constitution of the Communist Party of China
Front cover of the Constitution of the Communist Party of China
Simplified Chinese中国共产党章程
Traditional Chinese中國共産黨章程
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The Party Constitution currently in force was adopted at the Twelfth National Congress of the CPC in September 1982. In accordance with the changing situation and tasks, revisions were made in some of the articles at the Thirteenth National Congress in November 1987 and in the General Program and some of the articles at the Fourteenth National Congress in October 1992, and a few revisions were made in the General Program at the Sixteenth National Congress of the CPC in November 2002. Again, new changes and additions were made at the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC in October 2017.[1]


The organizational principle that drives the political system of the PRC is "democratic centralism". Within the system, the democratic feature demands participation and expression of opinion on key policy issues from members at all levels of party organization. It depends on a constant process of consultation and investigation. At the same time, the centralist feature requires that subordinate organizational levels follow the dictates of superior levels. Once the debate has reached the highest level and decisions concerning policy have been made, all party members are obliged to support the Central Committee.[1]

The constitution emphasizes the party's role in promoting socialist democracy, in developing and strengthening a socialist legal system, and in consolidating public resolve to carry out the modernization program.[1]

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