Conservative Party (Egypt)

The Conservative Party or Hizb Al-Mohafezeen (Arabic: حزب المحافظين) is a political party in Egypt. The party was founded by Mostafa Abdel Aziz, a writer and journalist. In its foundation the party included many notable Egyptian journalists and public figures. The current leader, Akmal Kertam, was an influential member of the National Democratic Party.[3] The party froze all activities in 2010, as a rejection of the political and security laws that were forced upon other political parties in that era by the former Mubarak regime, as well as due to the low funding it had. Yet after the 2011 Egyptian revolution, and with new free laws for political activity, the party notified governmental institutions that it would be active once again. The party is part of the political Egyptian opposition.[4]

Conservative Party

حزب المحافظين
PresidentAkmal Kourtam
Vice PresidentEngie Haddad
SecretaryAsim Mohamed Genedy
Founded13 March 2006[1]
Political positionCentre-right
National affiliationFor the Love of Egypt[2]
International affiliationNone
Slogan"A party working for all Egyptians"
House of Representatives
6 / 596


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