Clos (vineyard)

A clos (French 'enclosure'[1]) is a walled vineyard.[2] Walled vineyards protected the grapes from theft and may improve the mesoclimate. They were often the vineyards of Cistercian monasteries. The word is often used in the name of famous wines even when the wall no longer exists.

By country



  • Vaud: Clos des Abbayes, Clos des Moines (Dézaley), Clos du Paradis (Aigle), Clos du Rocher, Clos des Rennauds (Yvorne)
  • Valais: Clos Grand Brûlé, Clos des Montibeux (Leytron), Clos de Balavaud (Vétroz)


United States

South Africa

  • Stellenbosch: Clos Malverne


  • Valle de Guadalupe: Clos de Tres Cantos
Exterior view of Steinberg, Kloster Eberbach walled vineyard


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