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Canadian Science Publishing (formerly NRC Research Press) is the largest scientific publisher in Canada. As of 2018, it publishes about 2,300 articles annually in 24 journals in a broad range of scientific and technical disciplines, and is distributed to over 125 countries[1]. According to the website Owler, the annual revenue is about US$3.7M[2].

NRC Research Press
Parent companyCanadian Science Publishing
FounderNational Research Council
Country of originCanada
Headquarters locationOttawa, Ontario
Publication typesacademic journals, monographs
Nonfiction topicsScience

NRC Research Press was originally the publishing arm of the National Research Council's Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (NRC-CISTI). Since September 2010, it is a private, not-for-profit company called "Canadian Science Publishing" and continues to publish the NRC Research Press journals.[3]

All journals are available online full-text in both pdf and HTML format and are accessible before print publication.


The NRC Research Press was founded in 1929 when the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada launched the Canadian Journal of Research in response to requests from Canadian science societies who were too small to run their own journals. Since then, the organization has grown, modernized, and in 2010 was spun off as a not-for-profit company independent of the NRC, now named Canadian Science Publishing.

Since 2010, Canadian Science Publishing has acquired five new journals:

Since 2010, Canadian Science Publishing has also launched four new journals

Open access

NRC Research Press, or Canadian Science Publishing, has open access options for researchers that wish to make their work as widely available as possible. It publishes three interdisciplinary open access journals:

Arctic Science aims to provide a collaborative approach to Arctic research for a diverse group of users including government, policy makers, the general public, and researchers across all scientific fields

FACETS is Canada's first open access multidisciplinary science journal, aiming to advance science by publishing research that the multi-faceted global community of research. FACETS is the official journal of the Royal Society of Canada's Academy of Science.

Anthropocene Coasts aims to understand and predict the effects of human activity, including climate change, on coastal regions.

In addition, Canadian Science Publishing strives to make their content accessible through the CSP blog that includes plain language summaries of featured research. The open-access journal FACETS similarly publishes plain language summaries.

Organizational membership

NRC Research Press is a member of


NRC Research Press publishes the following journals:

Many of those journals were originally published as sections of Canadian Journal of Research, now defunct. Other defunct journals include Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Physiology and Canadian Journal of Medical Sciences.


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