Cabell d'àngel

Cabell d'àngel (Catalan: [kəˈβɛʎ ˈdaɲʒəl]) or Cabello de ángel (Spanish: [kaˈβeʎo ðe ˈaŋxel]; literally "angel's hair") is a transparent threaded jam made from Siam pumpkin (Cucurbita ficifolia) pulp and white sugar. It originated in Mallorca but its use has spread to the rest of Spain and some countries in the Americas. Cabell d'àngel is usually flavored with stick cinnamon or citron skin. It is best when prepared in the spring, once the pumpkins have fully matured.[1]

Cabell d'àngel/Cabello de ángel
Pastry filled with cabell d'àngel
Place of originSpain
Region or stateMallorca
Main ingredientsCucurbita ficifolia pulp, sugar


Cabell d'Àngel can be used simply as a pumpkin jam spread on slices of bread, but it is mainly used to stuff pastries, as ensaïmades, pastissets and coques.[2]

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