CEN/TC 10 (CEN Technical Committee 10) is a technical decision making body within the CEN system working on the establishment of safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts, escalators, and passenger conveyors in the European Union.[1]

CEN/TC 10 was created on 01.01.1962 and Working Groups (WG) established under this Technical Committee are:[1]

  • WG1: Lifts and service lifts
  • WG2: Escalators and moving walks
  • WG3: Fire testing of lift landing doors
  • WG4: Data logging and remote control
  • WG5: Maintenance
  • WG6: Fire related issues
  • WG7: Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability
  • WG8: Stairlifts and vertical platforms for the disabled
  • WG9: Inclined lifts
  • WG10: Improvement of safety of existing lifts
  • WG12: Lifting tables
  • WG13: Vertical lifting appliance with enclosed carrier

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