Bucknell Bison women's basketball

The Bucknell Bison women's basketball team is the college basketball program representing Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. The Bison currently participate as part of the NCAA Division I basketball, and compete in the Patriot League. The Bison currently play their home games at the Sojka Pavilion.[2]

Bucknell Bison women's basketball
2019–20 Bucknell Bison women's basketball team
UniversityBucknell University
Head coachTrevor Woodruff (2nd season)
LocationLewisburg, Pennsylvania
ArenaSojka Pavilion
(Capacity: 4,000)
ColorsBlue and Orange[1]
NCAA Tournament Appearances
2002, 2008, 2017, 2019
Conference Tournament Champions
2002, 2008, 2017, 2019
Conference Regular Season Champions
1996, 2006, 2019


As of the 2015–16 season, the Bison have an all-time record of 499–593. They played in the East Coast Conference from 1982 to 1990 before joining the Patriot League in 1990. They played in their first NCAA Tournament in 2002 after winning the Patriot League Tournament. In the First Round, they lost to Baylor 80–56. In 2008, they qualified again for the Tournament after winning the Patriot League title, though they lost to North Carolina 85–50 in the First Round. Since playing in the Patriot League beginning in 1990, they have a 193–169 record in the conference.[3]

Season Record Conference record Coach
1973–743–3n/aBarbara Testa
1974–752–6n/aBarbara Testa
1975–766–4n/aBarbara Testa
1976–776–4n/aRebecca Carr
1977–788–8n/aRebecca Carr
1978–799–6n/aRebecca Carr
1979–808–12n/aRebecca Carr
1980–817–12n/aTerrie Grieb
1981–825–19n/aKaren Harden
1982–838–172–7Karen Harden
1983–849 171 7Cindy Connelley
1984–854–221–13Lori Howard
1985–8611–174–11Lori Howard
1986–8717–117–7Lori Howard
1987–8818–118–6Lori Howard
1988–8916–127–7Lori Howard
1989–909–195–9Lori Howard
1990–912–241–11Lori Howard
1991–927–204–10Juliene Simpson
1992–9311–178–6Juliene Simpson
1993–946–213–11Juliene Simpson
1994–9511–177–7Juliene Simpson
1995–9618–910–2Juliene Simpson
1996–9712–146–6Juliene Simpson
1997–9812–146–6Kathy Fedorjaka
1998–9913–148–4Kathy Fedorjaka
1999-0015 158–4Kathy Fedorjaka
2000–0120–89–3Kathy Fedorjaka
2001–0221–1011–3Kathy Fedorjaka
2002–0313–157–7Kathy Fedorjaka
2003–0415–147–7Kathy Fedorjaka
2004–0510–184–10Kathy Fedorjaka
2005–0618–1110–4Kathy Fedorjaka
2006–0720–1112–2Kathy Fedorjaka
2007–0816–168–6Kathy Fedorjaka
2008–0916–128–6Kathy Fedorjaka
2009–107–213–11Kathy Fedorjaka
2010–1111–177–7Kathy Fedorjaka
2011–125–253–11Kathy Fedorjaka/Bill Broderick
2012–1315–165–9Aaron Roussell
2013–1416–1411–7Aaron Roussell
2014–1518–1210–8Aaron Roussell
2015–1625–817–1Aaron Roussell
2016–17 27–6 16–2 Aaron Roussell
2017–18 22–10 15–3 Aaron Roussell


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