Borg El Arab

Borg El Arab (Arabic: برج العرب) is an industrial city in the governorate of Alexandria, Egypt. It is located about 45 kilometers south-west of Alexandria and some seven kilometers from the Mediterranean coast. North of Borg El Arab is the King Maryut resort and Lake Maryut. The city has an airport, Borg El Arab Airport, that serves nearly 250,000 passengers every year. Borg El Arab is widely considered an extension of the city of Alexandria.[1]

Borg El Arab

برج العرب
Borg El Arab
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 30°50′56″N 29°36′42″E
Country Egypt
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)
  Summer (DST)+3

On 23 April 1973 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat met with Syrian president Hafez al-Assad at the presidential resort in Borg El Arab for two days of detailed discussions in preparation for the joint offensive on Israel which launched the Yom Kippur War. President Hosni Mubarak performed the formal inauguration of the city in November 1988.[2]

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