Avi Chai Foundation

The Avi Chai Foundation is a private foundation endowed in 1984 by Zalman Bernstein, a well-known successful investor and founder of Sanford Bernstein. Zalman Bernstein became a Modern Orthodox Baal teshuva (a returnee to Orthodox observance) who wished to further the cause of outreach to alienated and assimilated Jews worldwide. Avi Chai allocates resources in the United States and in Israel. Until 2003, Avi Chai functioned in Russia and other former Soviet Union countries.

The Avi Chai Foundation
FounderZalman Bernstein
Area served
United States, Israel
Revenue (2015)
Expenses (2015)$34,180,384[1]

The foundation is preparing to spend-down its remaining endowment by 2020. As of 2010, the endowment had a value of $600 million.[2]


Avi Chai's Board has included :[3]

  • Mem D. Bernstein, Chairman of the Board[4]
  • Arthur W. Fried
  • Samuel "Buddy" Silberman (Trustee Emeritus)
  • Dr. Meir Buzaglo
  • Lauren K. Merkin
  • Henry Taub (Trustee Emeritus, died 2011)
  • Dr. Avital Darmon
  • George Rohr
  • Dr. Ruth R. Wisse
  • Alan R. Feld, Senior Managing Director of Sanford Bernstein’s private client business.[5]
  • Lief D. Rosenblatt


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